BCI Events

Along the years, the following events have been organized in Switzerland or worldwide





General Chair

23-25/06/2021 (Neuchâtel –Switzerland)

IEEE Symposium on

Medical Measurements and Applications


General Co-Chair

15-18/07/2019 (Lausanne –Switzerland)

Conference on PhD research in  

Microelectronics and Electronics


Tutorial Co-Chairs

26-29/06/2019 (Sapporo – Japan)

IEEE Symposium on

Circuits and Systems


Tutorial Co-Chairs

27-29/11/2019 (Genoa – Italy)

26th IEEE International Conference on

Electronics, Circuits, and Systems


General Co-Chair

11-13/06/2018 (Rome – Italy)

IEEE Symposium on

Medical Measurements and Applications



19-21/10/2017 (Turin – Italy)

IEEE Conference on

Circuits and Systems for Biomedical Applications


Demos Session co-Chair

29/10-01/11/2017 (Glasgow – UK)

IEEE Sensors Conference


Special Sessions co-Chair

22-25/10/2016 (Montreal – Québec – Canada)

IEEE Conference on

Circuits And Systems


22-24/10/2015 (Atlanta – Georgia – US)

IEEE Conference on

Circuits and Systems for Biomedical Applications



Demos Session Chair

1-4/11/2015 (Busan – South Korea)

IEEE Sensors Conference



General Chair

22-24/10/2014 (Lausanne – Switzerland – UE)

IEEE Conference on

Circuits and Systems for Biomedical Applications


_____________________________________________________________________Workshops or Winter/Summer Schools




11-15/07/2016 (Lausanne – Switzerland – UE)

Summer School on Nano-Bio-Sensing for Distributed Diagnostics

(Summer School organized and fully supported within the frame of the

IEEE Sensors Council Summer School Series)



01-05/01/2016 (Lausanne – Switzerland – UE)

Winter School on New nano-bio-sensing tools for theragnostics





25/04/2013 (Lausanne – Switzerland – UE)

Workshop on Nano-Bio Technologies for Lab-on-Chip





01/07/2011 (Lausanne – Switzerland – UE)

Workshop on Surface Treatments and Biochip Sensors





01/04/2011 (Lausanne – Switzerland – UE)

Workshop on Security and Privacy in Implantable Medical Devices






29/6-3/7 2009 (Lausanne – Switzerland – UE)

Summer School on Nano-Bio-Sensing








06/05/2019 Seminar of Paul Chao on

A New Flexible Photoplethysmography (PPG) Sensor Patch for Continuous Measurement of Blood Flow Volume and Pressure based on AI algorithms





04/04/2019 Seminar of Pedram Mohsenion

Toward Point-of-Care Assessment of Hemostasis Using Miniaturized Dielectric Coagulometry





29/01/2018 Seminar of Elisabetta Comini on

Metal Oxide Nanowires: Technologies for Chemical Sensors Preparation




06/09/2016 Seminar of Sylvie Renaud  on

BioElectronics at the University of Bordeaux: Research and Applications




02/03/2015 Seminar of Massimiliano Di Ventra  on

Quantum sequencing: from precision medicine to new nanoscale phenomena




27/03/2014 Seminar of Roland Thewes  on

Design and Fabrication of Arrays with High Spatiotemporal Resolution for In-Vitro Neural Tissue Recording and Stimulation




03/03/2014 Seminar of Masato Futagawa  on

Study of On-site Monitoring Sensors for Agriculture and Disaster Prevention




10/07/2014 Seminar of Irene Taurino  on

Carbon nanostructured multipanel sensor for human health monitoring




12/02/2014 Seminar of Pantelis Georgiou on

The bio-inspired artificial pancreas for treatment of diabetes





12/02/2014 Seminar of Ravinder S. Dahiya on

Towards Conformable Electronics and Artificial Skin





30/09/2013 Seminar of Timothy Constandinou on

Next Generation Neural Interfaces




25/06/2013 Seminar of Sirinrath Sirivisooton on

In Situ Orthopaedic Sensors and Electrically Controlled Drug Delivery




12/06/2013 Seminar of Kate Fox on

The Bionic Eye Project





03/05/2013 Seminar of Vladimir Lumelsky on

Human-Robot Interaction and Whole-Body Robot Sensing




19/02/2013 Seminar of Elisabetta Chicca on

Neuromorphic VLSI Spiking Neural Networks




24/10/2012 Seminar of Tor Sverre Lande on

Bionics: Nanoelectronics for biomedical systems




08/07/2011 Seminar of Robert Sobot on

Brain to brain communication, memristors… the rise of intelligent machines?




11/05/2011 Seminar of Cristine Nardini on

Multiomic Data Integration




18/02/2010 Seminar of Marco Carminati on

Circuits and Systems for Electrical Detection in Nano-Bio-Electrochemistry




10/01/2010 Seminar of Jacopo Olivo on

Energy Harvesting Techniques for Implanted Biosensors




17/06/2008 Seminar of Lalit M Bharadwaj on

Biomolecular Hybrid Devices




11/04/2008 Seminar of Victoria V. Shumyantseva on

Nanobioelectrochemical Methods for the Investigation of Bioafinity Interactions




05/12/2007 Seminar of Sandro Carrara on

Nano- and Bio-Technology for Sensors and Biosensors: Solutions and Applications