Laboratory of Movement Analysis and Measurement (LMAM)

The multidisciplinary research of the Laboratory of Movement Analysis and Measurement aims on improving movement monitoring and analysis in real-world conditions, through the design of wearable systems and algorithms. We are particularly interested to characterise sport performances and pathologies affecting motor function.


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January 4, 2021 – Welcome to Smart helmet Ignition project

Dr Mathieu Falbriard former Phd student from LMAM and Tom Bertrand obtained an Ignition startup grant from EPFL  for their Smart Helmet project. Warm welcome and looking forward for their success

January 1, 2021 – DIGIPREDICT project

Together with 9 European partners, EPFL has launched a pan-European research program called Digipredict (contraction of digital and predicting). The goal is to develop a digital twin that can detect serious complications in Covid-19 patients, employing breakthrough technology in the fields of artificial intelligence, smart patches and organs-on-chips. The initiative brings together around a dozen partner organizations universities, hospitals and startups, including our lab.

December 11, 2020 – Public thesis presentation  of Abolfazl Soltani

Abolfazl Soltani had successfully defended her  thesis: Gait in real world: validated algorithms for gait periods and speed estimation using a single wearable sensor. The thesis was part of Mobilise-D project and was financed Innosuisse grant.

October 2, 2020 – Public thesis presentation  of Lena Carcreff

Lena Carcreff had successfully defended her  thesis: “Gait analysis in children with cerebral palsy: bridging the gap between the laboratory and real life”. The thesis   was in collaboration with HUG and CHUV.



LMAM research focus on the design of wearable and implanted technology to characterize and evaluate pathologies affecting motor function or to study motor performances in sports

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