Interactive path exergame Virtual Obstacles

  • Contact person: Kamiar Aminian
  • People involved: Nan Wang
  • Partners: 
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In this study we are going to use recent technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and body interaction to create interactive path exergames, where the subject can interact with virtual objects to increase their awareness to risks linked to their paths.  Currently tangible devices that are used to demonstrate such risks are made in wood and require large volumes. As a consequence, they are expensive, non-adaptable and not easy to be transported. Our project aims at building some interactive devices that can be easily transported, extended and adapted to different (industrial) environments. We hope that the proposed interactive path scenario can help people to build up a sense of awareness towards risks linked to their paths.

Exergame1 Passage

The objective of this exergame is to create a set of interactive virtual obstacles that can be easily transported and installed in different environments such as corridor, entrance of building or cafeteria area where can be accessed by public.  The exergame introduces not only images but also sound to help people increasing sensitivity of risk.

Exergame 2  Gaming Room

In this exergame, we are going to immerse the subject in a virtual environment (VE) where the subject should pay attention to the pre-defined virtual obstacles in VE to increase his/her sensitivity of having risk in daily life.