Balance and locomotion tests

Project Conversion Disorder

Balance and locomotion tests representation

Conversion disorder is a psychiatric disorder, which causes to patients neurological symptoms arising in response to stressful situations. One or more symptoms affecting the voluntary motor function are present. These symptoms are suggestive of a neurologic or other general medical condition. The motor symptoms may include any of the following: impaired coordination or balance, weakness/paralysis of a limb, tremor, gait problems, and body  ‘freezing’ in stressful situations. Due to the complexity and variety of symptoms, the diagnosis is often difficult, based on the subjective evaluation of the clinician.

The aim of this project is to investigate the potential of the wearable devices (e.g. inertial sensors) to monitor and objectively assess motor activity features characteristic to this specific disease. The final goal of this work is to provide an assessment tool, which can help the diagnosis in clinical practice.