Cohorte Lausanne Study

  • Contact person: Anisoara Ionescu
  • People involved: Anisoara Ionescu, Hooman Dejnabadi, Abolfazl Soltani
  • Partners: CHUV
  • Funding source: LORF

Cohorte Lausanne Study Monitoring human daily activity


Monitoring human daily activity plays an important role in quantifying health status and assisting prevention, diagnosis and prediction of diseases like diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular pathologies. In the scope of the CoLaus study, the algorithms of LMAM (see MINOS and ACTIWISE) have been improved to monitor daily activities of a large population of people (around 3000 subjects) living in the region of Lausanne. The project is in collaboration of the university hospital (CHUV) where one main goal is to quantify the physical activity and walking performance of the subjects and relate those to their health.


Wrist movements of the large population have been continuously monitored for two weeks and walking metrics such as cadence, steps, speed, and distance have been analyzed through the previously designed algorithms of LMAM. Then, advanced statistical tools have been employed to relate such parameters to health status of people.

Cohorte Lausanne Study Walking Speed graphic Cohorte Lausanne Study Speed and Cadence graphic