Reconfigurable Robotics Lab

Our Mission

At the Reconfigurable Robotics Lab we focus on the design, actuation, fabrication, and control of unique robotic systems. The research in our lab is committed to inventing interactive robotic systems with novel fabrication techniques and integration processes that push the limits of mechanical properties. These efforts enable us to create soft, reconfigurable, and interactive robots that are highly conscious of the environment and have extensive applications in wearable technology, medical/rehabilitation systems, and personal robots.


Our Activities

This is a summary of our current activities. Building up on our previous origami robots we present a new untethered version of Tribot, a modular origami robot Mori, and virtual reality interfaces to control them. We are incorporating soft actuators into wearable devices and have created new soft actuator modules based on vacuum. Besides our efforts to create origami and soft robots, we have also been focusing on applications of our technologies with our spin-off Foldaway

RRL 10th Anniversary

Our News