MIROS – Multi-scale Interactive Reconfigurable Origami Surface

MIROS is our novel force-feedback surface that creates and modulates distinctive profile and stiffness to interact with the user in contact. This surface is made of a set of modules at various scales that can interact with different parts of the human body to create an interactive environment.

This first prototype is an array of 3×3 modules with a radius of 10cm of the top surface. Each module has three degrees of freedom (2 rotation + 1 vertical translation) to interact with human hands as a reconfigurable desktop.

Entertainment and medical rehabilitation are the two major streams of application envisioned. The disclosed devices allow the human to interact with a desktop surface to give inputs to a computer while standing on a floor surface that can be modulated with respect to the motions of the user.

The second prototype is a single module with a radius of 60cm to act a a reconfigurable floor system for interactive human living environment. This prototype was a development tool to optimize the design of the current prototype of the system which is a 60cm wide platform that can withstand a human-body weight and interact with it through three degrees of freedom and a set of sensors throughout the origami structure.


Contact: Fabio Zuliani ([email protected])

FOLDAWAY – Ultra Portable Haptic Interface (2018)

In a world where machines and electronic devices are becoming ubiquitous and portable, the quest for low-cost and ultra-portable haptic interfaces is exponentially growing. However, the market is currently populated either by bulky and expensive interfaces that render forces with high accuracy, either by simple devices that exploit vibrations to render a limited number of sensations. FOLDAWAY, is innovating the field by developing ultra-portable and low cost origami haptic interfaces.


The device has three degrees of freedom and can interact with human fingers by tracking their motion and providing force, stiffness and texture perception. Through its unique origami manufacturing, it is the first interface of its kind that folds-away when not in use. Its palm size, and thin design, makes it the ideal user interface for any portable device. The manufacturing of these structures is cost competitive, scalable and does not require manual assembly.

Marco Salerno, Postdoc, Co-Founder

T number: +41 788 11 75 25

Stefano Mintchev, Postdoc, Co-Founder

T number +41 78 841 86 23

Patent application number:


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