Our Research

At the Reconfigurable Robotics Lab we working towards creating unique robotic systems that overcome the limitations of traditional robotics systems. Our research activities include the development of novel robotic concepts, new technologies for actuation and sensing, as well as modelling and control of our robots. Our research is currently focused around two main projects:

Origami Robotics:

We take inspiration from the ancient art of paper folding to create reconfigurable robots with unique attributes. Origami robots are flat, light-weight and have a large number of degrees-of-freedom, making them highly adaptable to a variety of applications. By leveraging origami characteristics along with novel fabrication techniques and actuation methods, we are creating a wide range of origami robots, including mobile robots, modular robots and adjustable stiffness structures. For an overview of our origami projects please click here.

Soft Robotics:

Introducing soft elements into the world of robotics allows us to create systems that are inherently safe for humans to interact with. We are developing novel soft actuators based on pneumatic pressure and embedding new sensors technologies that allow us to create soft robots at different scales for wearable applications. By characterizing, modelling and prototyping our systems we are achieving high-performance closed loop systems. For an overview of our soft projects please click here.