Science and sustainability

A burning issue with broad relevance. Degrowth, the circular economy and nuclear fusion: are they attainable ideals or just wishful thinking? And with the negative impact of climate change no longer in doubt, how can we bring together science, technology and sustainability to reinvent our way of life? These are the kinds of questions participants in this pre-university week will be invited to consider.

Throughout this pre-university week, high-school students will be invited to talk to scientists who believe their research opens up realistic and cutting-edge solutions for building a sustainable future.

Whether it is optimising renewable energy production, managing precious resources such as water, capturing CO2 from the atmosphere, or recycling and reclaiming waste, we all deal with the many challenges posed by climate change on a daily basis. 

Combining conferences, participatory workshops and laboratory visits, this pre-university week also gives students an insight into the many factors to consider when tackling these challenges, as well as offering them the chance to develop the transversal communication, negotiation and leadership skills they need to achieve their goals. This will help them look to the future with optimism and determination, and to identify the courses of study best suited to their scientific interests and convictions.

Practical information

When and where
July 8-11, 2024 at EPFL (Lausanne)
High school students who have passed their 1st year.
Course with no prerequisites.
Provisional program
CHF 50.- (excluding VAT).
Lunch on the first day will be provided. Lunch on the other days and any accommodation costs are at the charge of the participants.
Online registration is closed.

Each student may register for one pre-university week per school year.
Exceptions may be considered if sufficient places are available.
Please contact the Education Outreach Department for any question: [email protected]

This pre-university week is organized in close collaboration with the EPFL Sustainability Unit of the Vice Presidency for Responsible Transformation (VPT).