Past awardees


During the SIHH exhibition in Geneva, the 2018 Piaget Scientific Award has been awarded to Dr Martin COUX, 29 years old, engineer from AgroParisTech, ESPCI, and doctor from the Paris Sciences et Lettres university. During the event, Dr Coux received an honorarium consisting of a Piaget watch as well as a commemorative plaque. The award consists of a one-year post-doctoral fellowship funded by Piaget, during which he will have the opportunity of conducting his own research in cooperation with the EPFL Laboratory EMSI (Engineering Mechanics of Soft Interfaces) led by Prof. John Martin Kolinski. Dr Coux’s thesis work entitled “Active water repellent materials” investigates water-repellent smart materials. These particular substrates are covered with textures of micrometric sizes and are usually passive. The objective is to create super-hydrophobic surfaces that can be actuated and whose wetting properties can be tuned with an external parameter. In this work, Dr Coux also creates and characterizes new and interesting configurations with non-wetting materials that he either deforms or sets into motion.

NEWS ! The work done by Martin Coux and sponsored by the Piaget Award 2018 has recently been published in the prestigious “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Pictures from the award ceremony at the SIHH in Geneva on 18.1.2018

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