Animal Research Ethics Committee

The EPFL Animal Research Ethics Committee (AREC) performs an ethical review of animal experiments conducted abroad by EPFL researchers.

The Committee is competent to approve or refuse, from a point of view of ethical acceptability, the research projects involving animals that are carried out abroad. In addition to the AREC review, projects needs authorization from the relevant country’s competent authority on animal research.

The AREC evaluation is based on the country where the experiments will be conducted, the experimental species and the degree of severity of the experiments.

The AREC Bylaws foresee in different review procedures: a short procedure (applies to projects carried out in certain countries), a normal procedure and an amendment procedure.

See the LEX 1.3.5, on the deontology and ethics webpage.

The Committee is composed of a minimum of seven members with varying profiles. The members act in their individual capacity, not as representatives of their institution.

Researchers who would like to submit a project to the AREC are kindly requested to complete the AREC Application Form and to send this to: [email protected]

The EPFL Center for PhenoGenomics is the liaison between the AREC and the researchers during the review process.

The AREC review process is an on-line process. However, a meeting with the PI can be requested if needed. An AREC review takes approximately six weeks after the submission of the project.


Please contact the EPFL Center for PhenoGenomics for more information regarding the AREC: [email protected]