Custom Programs

We work in close collaboration with our partners to understand their goals, objectives and organisational culture. Together we build personalized learning experiences to deliver organisational impact. 

Examples of previous programs

Data Science Basics

A non-technical session was designed to provide employees working with different types of data with an understanding of the importance of Data Science as well as a hands-on experience of coding in R.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

A non-technical session designed to provide an introduction to Artificial Intelligence and build awareness around the potential of Machine Learning for making better business decisions and delivering competitive advantages.

Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence

An interactive workshop designed to provide participants with the background and understanding to generate Artificial Intelligence opportunities and to understand how to collaborate with their Data Science teams.

Applications of Machine Learning

An interactive session designed to provide a hands-on experience of Machine Learning and Deep Learning methods using a set of Jupyter notebooks in Python.

Collaborative Data Science

An interactive workshop designed to lead participants through multiple use cases of Machine Learning and Deep Learning methods. The primary objective was to enable effective collaboration between colleagues with different skills, levels and interests. 

Enabling Data Science for ROI

This custom workshop leads employees through data science projects based on data sets supplied by their organization. Working across the entire data science pipeline, participants will take a deep dive into real-world use cases with a clear potential for ROI.