Exchange students

Exchange students: rules regarding the access to MTE courses

Academic year 2019-2020

For students exchanging in the Management of Technology (MTE) section

Students who exchange in the MTE section must take at least 17 ECTS credits in the MTE master study plan.

They can take any courses of the MTE master, except:

  • MGT-400 Corporate Strategy
  • MGT-401 Strategic Marketing & Technology Commercialization
  • MGT-409 d.Thinking : real problems, human-focused solutions
  • MGT-410 Applied Corporate & Industry analysis
  • MGT-412 Organizational Behavior
  • MGT-413 Entrepreneurship & New Venture Strategy
  • MGT-414 Technology & Innovation Strategy
  • MGT-417 Value Chain Management in Practice
  • MGT-419 Systemic & Strategic Problem Solving
  • MGT-432 Data Science for Business
  • MGT-439 Information Technology & Digital Strategy
  • MGT-466 Negotiation Techniques
  • MGT-468 Leading & Managing in a Global Context
  • MGT-469 Intercultural Presentation Skills
  • MGT-481 Financial & Managerial Accounting
  • MGT-526 Supply Chain Management
  • MGT-555 Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Engineering

For students exchanging in other EPFL sections or in HEC-UNIL

Students who exchange in another section of EPFL or in HEC-UNIL are not allowed to register for courses offered in the MTE curriculum, with the exception of the specific master courses listed in their section study plan:

  • MGT-415 Data Science in Practice – for students exchanging in IF
  • MGT-416 Network Analytics – for students exchanging in IF
  • MGT-418 Convex Optimization – for students exchanging in EL
  • MGT-426 Information: Strategy & Economics – for students exchanging in IF
  • MGT-427 Management de projet et analyse du risque – for students exchanging in GC and in MT
  • MGT-454 Principles of Microeconomics – for students exchanging in MATH and in IF
  • MGT-483 Optimal Decision Making – for students exchanging in EL
  • MGT-484 Applied Probability & Stochastic Processes – for students exchanging in SV

Once the second week of the semester is over, the MTE section will cancel all the registrations that do not follow these rules.

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