Exchange students

Exchange students: rules regarding the access to MTE courses

Academic year 2021-2022

For students exchanging in the Management of Technology (MTE) section

Students who exchange in the MTE can take any courses of the MTE master curriculum, except:

  • MGT-400 Corporate Strategy
  • MGT-401 Strategic Marketing & Technology Commercialization
  • MGT-409 d.Thinking : Real Problems, Human-Focused Solutions
  • MGT-410 Applied Corporate & Industry Analysis
  • MGT-413 Entrepreneurship & New Venture Strategy
  • MGT-414 Technology & Innovation Strategy
  • MGT-417 Value Chain Management in Practice
  • MGT-432 Data Science for Business
  • MGT-466 Negotiation Techniques
  • MGT-469 Intercultural Presentation Skills
  • MGT-481 Financial & Managerial Accounting
  • MGT-482 Principles of Finance
  • MGT-526 Supply Chain Management
  • MGT-555 Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Engineering
  • MGT-510 Management Control
  • MGT-420 Climate Entrepreneurship
  • FIN-411 Accounting for Finance

For students exchanging in other EPFL sections or in HEC-UNIL

Students who exchange in another section of EPFL or in HEC-UNIL are not allowed to register for courses offered in the MTE curriculum, with the exception of the following courses:

  • MGT-408 Transitions and technology policy – for students exchanging in EL
  • MGT-418 Convex Optimization – for students exchanging in EL
  • MGT-427 Management de projet et analyse du risque – for students exchanging in GC and in MT
  • MGT-454 Principles of Microeconomics – for students exchanging in MATH, in EL and in FE
  • MGT-483 Optimal Decision Making – for students exchanging in EL and MT
  • MGT-484 Applied Probability & Stochastic Processes – for students exchanging in SV
  • MGT-448 Statistical Inference and Machine Learning – for students exchanging in FE and EL
  • MGT-416 Causal Inference – for students exchanging in EL

Once the second week of the semester is over, the MTE section will cancel all the registrations that do not follow these rules.

Attention: the above list of courses will be subject to change until 30.6.2021.


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