Evidence-Based Teaching and Learning

This section will provide you with evidence-based strategies and resources that will help you enhance the teaching and learning process in your class. You will also find links to relevant resources on hybrid learning, and trainings offered at EPFL. This includes:

  • An overview of Active Learning and Hybrid learning.
  • Some practical strategies to enhance your lectures, exercise sessions, laboratory courses, project-based courses and co-taught courses. 
  • Suggestions to tackle common teaching challenges
  • Advice on structuring your teaching material, 
  • An overview of some of the technologies that you and your students could leverage in your course. 
  • Advice on managing your teaching team.

Active Learning

This page has information about active learning, flipped classrooms and other active learning strategies.

Teaching methods

This section has information about using evidence-based teaching methods in your classrooms. Special attention is paid to lecturing, exercise sessions and Laboratory sessions.

Teaching challenges

This page will give you some strategies to tackle some common teaching challenges that might arise.

Teaching materials and support

This page has information about finding and creating your teaching materials, and leveraging your teaching team.

Educational Technologies

This page has advice on well-tested technologies that have proven benefits for students’ learning, to help you choose the most appropriate tool(s) and integrate them in a way that best supports the learning objectives of your course

Hybrid teaching

This page will introduce you to hybrid teaching and will provide strategies and resources to help you implement hybrid teaching