Individual consultations

Consultations for teachers

Each year we work with hundreds of teachers and teaching teams on an individual basis to respond to teaching and learning inquiries.  For example, we work with teachers who are experiencing problems and who are preparing promotion dossiers. We also work with teachers who would like to try out new technology or change instructional approach.

One typical starting point is to help teachers get a broad-based understanding of their context. We can do this through:

  • facilitating feedback from students (often using detailed student feedback questionnaires – this is one of a number of types of teaching ‘evaluation’ available)
  • collecting data on aspects of students’ learning experiences through classroom observations
  • reviewing course documents
  • step-by-step personal support on teaching to new tenure-track assistant professors

In each case,  the pedagogical advisor designs data collection instruments, gather, enter and analyse the data. The pedagogical advisor meets the teacher to review together the evidence and discuss solutions and tools. The teacher will choose the next steps.

The evaluation report prepared by the pedagogical advisor is confidential except for the obligatory evaluations asked by the section of teaching. For more information on the diffent type of teaching evaluations, read the description of evaluations of teaching in the teaching guide.

Please contact us at [email protected] or get in touch with the pedagogical advisor of the section.

Consultations and support for sections

We offer a wide range of customized supports to sections depending on their needs, including:

  • support with compulsory in-depth student feedback on teaching
  • surveys and feedback on programmes and cycles
  • participation in section committees such as Academic Commissions, Teaching Commissions and Section Councils
  • support for curriculum review and development activities, including accreditation reviews
  • other individualized supports to match emerging needs.

To arrange support, sections can contact the relevant pedagogical advisor by email to [email protected]