Getting started

In teaching, as in most things, planning and preparing is the foundation for success. This section is relevant to all teachers, but might be most interesting to teachers who are new to EPFL, and especially to the PATTs 

The ‘Getting Started’ section:

  • Leads you through the course design process
  • Helps you set up your course including completing the course description, setting up your course page and getting TAs
  • Walks you through some logistics of setting up your course including timetables, teaching loads, finding equipment etc.
  • Has a special section with information for PATTs
  • Directs you to the academic calendar for teaching (you will need Gaspar access).

Design a Course

This page will walk you through the importance of course design, And some basics to keep in mind while designing a course at EPFL.

How to

This page will answer your question about how to: Write a course description Set up an online course site, Get TA’s

Teaching and my academic career

This page has information about: The teaching portfolio, Benchmarks in the tenure process, Academic titles, promotion and tenure, Some logistics and getting help

Additional Support and Logistics

This page has logistical information about deadlines, resources including rooms and equipment, and teaching elsewhere.