Registrar’s Office

Our mission

The quality of the EPFL system of study is guaranteed by the Registrar’s office.

We are responsible for creating and implementing admissions, registration, results control, record keeping, curriculum and resource management processes for all available courses. We do this with integrity and care to guarantee equal treatment for all our students. In addition, we actively contribute to the improvement and sustainability of the global system of study at EPFL.

Key figures

~13’000 ~14’000 ~4’000 ~2’500
Applications bachelor,
master and PhD per year
Students and PhD Courses Graduation


The Registrar’s Office is composed of more than 30 specialists organised by area of expertise and type of study.

Organigramme SAC

How to contact us

Students, candidates, graduates, etc. must always contact the Student Services Desk.

Teachers and sections, please consult the teaching portal (restricted access).