My students


Research on teaching and learning has highlighted the importance of knowing your students as well as possible: their background knowledge, their level of interest in the subject and their study habits. The planning of a course begins by knowing to whom you are addressing the content and the activities of your teaching.The “my students” section of this website:

  • introduces the student body at EPFL and highlights how you can find out more about the students in your classes.

  • offers information on how to engage your students.

  • highlights where to go for support, if you identify students in difficulty.

  • links to the regulations for study for Bachelor and Master students as well as for Doctoral Assistants.

Who are my students?

This page will provide an overview of the EPFL student body and introduce the existing resources from which you can gather relevant information about your own students.

Engaging my students

This page will give you some advice on how to capture and maintain your students’ attention.

Supporting students in difficulty

On this page you will find some of the most common issues raised by students, as well as the person, office or department to address, when seeking help.

Rules for Bachelor, Master and PhD students

This link will take you to the electronic compendium of EPFL laws, ordinances, regulations and directives