Additional Support and Logistics

Please refer to the academic calendar for the information about deadlines with respect to timetables, course books, grades etc.

You should make sure to check your classroom before your first lecture, to ensure that (a) it is appropriate for your class (both in terms of your teaching needs and class size), and (b) you have all of the material (and keys!) you need.

To locate a classroom, type the room number in the EPFL Interactive Campus Map search box.

The course timetable team allocates rooms for teaching. To discuss the allocation of classrooms, first contact your section who will then compile a list of requirements and contact the Registrar’s Office (SAC). Make sure you communicate these requirements well in advance. SAC They can also be contacted for occasional room bookings during the academic term. Rooms are allocated based on projected student numbers. 

If your room is not suitable for the number of students, contact the Registrar’s Office using this email: [email protected]

The concierges provide the logistics, such as the keys (to the lecture halls and classrooms – lights, blinds, ventilation, locking the room), furniture or cleaning. Operating the lights may require a key (depending on your room), so make sure to check this in advance.

Classrooms do not normally have a computer for projection installed and each teacher normally brings their own computer. Access to the projector’s remote control requires a key – if you need a key for the projector’s remote control, contact SAVE. Additionally, ensure that either your computer has a video output that matches the cable in your classroom, or that you have the necessary adaptors. 

If you require any other equipment, please ask your section secretary.

EPFL gives you the opportunity to teach in another university (in Switzerland or around the world), provided that your choice respects the laws/ordinances/rules set by the management governing conflicts of interest (see directive number 4.1.1). The request to teach elsewhere should also be approved by the VPE.