Carpooling, car-sharing and rental cars


As part of its Mobility Plan, the EPFL provides its community with various shared mobility services: the Fairmove carpooling platform and Mobility car-sharing vehicles, as well as advantageous rates for car rental for private or professional purposes.


The majority of people currently travelling to campus by car drive alone (75%).

In order to further promote carpooling on campus and better mutualise parking, Durabilité EPFL and the EPFL Innovation Park are providing the Fairmove carpooling platform, which enables drivers to get in touch with each other.

The sharing of travel costs must be agreed between carpoolers; it is not managed by the myCAMIPRO payment application or by the fairmove carpooling platform. Compensation may also take the form of a non-monetary consideration (e.g. a meal).

In the event of cancellation of journeys (up to 12 hours before departure), EPFL will reimburse a maximum of CHF 20 per person (maximum CHF 60 per month).

Mobility carsharing

Several Mobility vehicles are available 7/7 and 24/24 for professional or private use. Members of the EPFL community are eligible for a free four-month trial subscription along with other special offers.

Take advantage of a free four-month trial subscription and an annual subscription price of CHF 70 instead of CHF 129. Register for free on myCamipro.

Get a transferable Mobility business card for an annual price of CHF 90 by sending a request to the Security and Operations department. Allow 14 days for your request to be processed.

  • Several Mobility car-sharing stations are available on our Lausanne campus: at Esplanade, Rivier, Quartier Nord and EPFL Innovation Park.
  • Map of Mobility locations in Switzerland

As a Mobility customer, you are fully insured in the case of a damage: third-party liability, casco insurance and occupants’ insurance. This is included in the price.

For cancellations, please consult this link. You will find information under the heading “Fair play fees“. Different taxes apply depending on the situation and the time of cancellation.

Car rental

EPFL employees have access to advantageous car rental deals within Switzerland and abroad.

  • See the information you need to benefit from advantageous conditions (PDF, 140 KB) when renting a car in Switzerland with Europcar.
  • Students can buy the Funway card to hire vehicles at reduced prices. You can find more information at:


For any questions relating to carpooling: [email protected] and [email protected]

For any questions about car-sharing: Mobility

For any question or reservation of rental vehicles:

For any questions relating to the booking procedure: [email protected]