Travelling by train

Following the entry into force of the new business and student travel directives at the beginning of 2023, EPFL encourages people to reduce the number of long-distance journeys and to use means of transport with a low environmental impact, in particular the train, when travelling in Switzerland or abroad.

Registration and purchase procedure via the SBB Webshop – to obtain the guide, please write to [email protected].

Travel in Switzerland

There are various options for purchasing transport tickets in Switzerland, notably through the CFF, offering the EPFL community a range of services and products.

For all information about the public transport network and the purchase of public transport tickets, the Lausanne public transport sales point is located at the Maison de la mobilité on the EPFL campus.

Information on subsidies for the purchase of public transport passes can be found on this page.

  • The SBB webshop and the SBB mobile app are the main channels for purchasing public transport tickets valid for business trips in Switzerland.
  • The purchase of national products available on the SBB webshop and mobile app includes a 10% discount granted by the Confederation.
  • With the SwissPass login, any passes you have registered are taken into account when you buy tickets.
  • As a reminder, EPFL staff benefit from several discounts on the purchase of travelcards, to be used when travelling on professional business.

More information about SBB Business Customers

The SBB Mobile application

Supersaver tickets available from the SBB webshop or SBB Mobile app offer discounts of up to 70% on many public transport journeys in Switzerland. Buying in advance guarantees greater availability of supersaver tickets.

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For longer journeys, a Half-Fare Day Pass or Supersaver Day Pass may be advantageous. Use the Day Pass on the day of your choice for an unlimited number of journeys on the railways, post buses, boats, trams and buses in most Swiss towns and cities.

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EPFL authorises first-class travel for staff at functional level 7 and above. The Head of the unit may authorise an upgrade (LEX 5.6.2, Section3, Article7).

More information on class upgrades

International travel in Europe

You can purchase international tickets for private or business use via various channels. Please note that some international tickets must be printed out.

The SBB “Business travel Service Center” contact is available for any reservations or questions relating to international travel, also by telephone on 0848 111 456 (Mon-Fri, 8.00am to 5.30pm).

The full list of countries for which you can buy a ticket via the SBB webshop can be found on this page.

Note: the SBB Mobile service is limited to the purchase of tickets for travel within Switzerland.

The tl sales point in the Maison de la mobilité sells all public transport services in Switzerland and abroad. Tickets and season tickets can be bought and collected on the spot. Tel. +41 21 621 01 11.

For complex, regular journeys or if you don’t want to worry about travel details, we recommend buying an Interrail Pass, valid for a predefined number of days per month for all European countries. These products can be purchased online or at the tl sales point at the Maison de la mobilité. The tl will provide you with assistance in reserving seats on the trains.

The Trainline booking platform allows the purchase of international tickets, in Europe and beyond. Private travelcards can also be added to a personal account for deductions on the domestic part of the journey.

  • Unused tickets purchased in the SBB webshop can be refunded online or directly via the SBB Mobile application. With the exception of special cases, SBB will retain a flat-rate amount of CHF 10 for each request.
  • For other ticket categories, please send your request directly to a SBB ticket office or a Lausanne transport ticket office.

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Student travel

Students can benefit from subsidies on their travel tickets for academic trips or inter-campus study projects.

Students on an academic exchange as part of the Swiss European Mobility Programme are entitled to a 60% discount on the purchase of an international public transport ticket.

See regulations (PDF, 205 KB, in French only)

Bachelor’s and Master’s students involved in a study project taking place in an EPFL laboratory outside the Ecublens campus are entitled to full reimbursement of their public transport costs.

See regulations (PDF, 260 KB)

Groups of young people under the age of 25 can travel at a special price with the school day pass, which costs CHF 15. Each group of 8 under-25s may be assisted by a maximum of two people aged 25 or over. The pass can be ordered by telephone on 0848 111 456 no later than 7 days before the departure date.

To make a reservation, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • SwissPass login, contract number, billing centre and SBB Businesstravel cost centre.
  • Exact date and time of the desired journey.
  • Number of passengers and reductions available (number of GA/Half-Fare cards, etc.).
  • Class of travel (1st or 2nd)

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