Campus Piéton project

Campus Piéton © EPFL Niels Ackermann / Lundi13
Campus Piéton © EPFL Niels Ackermann / Lundi13

The aim of the Campus Piéton project is to create a greener, more pedestrian-friendly campus that is better adapted to climate change. The project is well underway, and we are already seeing some positive effects, such as less traffic, new trees and more street furniture.

One of the project’s main aims is to transform the road between Avenue Piccard and Route des Noyerettes into a pedestrian zone in order to create more space for vegetation, people and their activities. The public parking spaces on Avenue Piccard were removed last year to make way for several dozen new potted trees, which will eventually be planted in the ground. Access for emergency and service vehicles will be rearranged once the project ends in 2024.

Collaborative approach

Last spring, the EPFL Sustainability unit teamed up with several laboratories and research centers from our School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering to gather the opinions of our community on what they would like to see in a pedestrian-friendly campus.

This process has resulted in a modular preliminary design (in French) that will serve as the basis for the rules of the competition launched with external companies. The summary document is available on request at [email protected].

For an overview of our collaborative process, you can visit our web platform. You will find all the data from the various events, the videos of the live discussion forums, and the interactive working boards that were used during the process.