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E-Learning © Khanchit Khirisutchalual
E-Learning © Khanchit Khirisutchalual

Educational programs

We offer a growing number of sustainability-oriented educational programs that are fully specialized.


A study we conducted in 2020 showed that our School had about 150 sustainability-related classes. In 2021, we sought input from our student community (in association with La Convergence) to find out what else we could offer. Below is a non comprehensive list of our Bachelor’s and Master’s classes that cover sustainability-related issues and topics.

AR-407: Visions and Utopias

UE K: Architecture and Sustainability : performance studies

AR-442: Comfort and architecture: sustainable strategies

AR-449: Architecture and Solar energy

AR-496: Behind/Beyond future cities

AR-497: Building Design in the circular economy

BIO-455: Introduction to law and ethics

ChE-408: Process intensification and green chemistry

CIVIL-460: Indoor air quality and ventilation

ENG-410: Energy supply, economics and transition

ENG-445: Building energetics

ENG-473: Etudes d’impact

ENV-410: Science of climate change

ENV-417: Hydrologie urbaine

ENV-461: Sustainability assessment of urban systems

ENV-470: Development Engineering

ENV-468: Occupational and environmental health

ENV-500: Solid waste engineering

ENV-510: Life cycle assessment in energy systems

ENV-471: Environmental economics

FIN-429: Sustainable & entrepreneurial finance

HUM-397: Design for sustainability

HUM-471: Economic growth and sustainability

HUM-427: History of globalization I

MATH-447: Risk, rare events and extremes

ME-409: Energy conversion and renewable energy

ME-516: Lifecycle performance of product systems

MGT 409: D. Thinking: real problems, human-focused solutions

MGT-494: Economics for challenging times

MGT-495: Introduction to ethics and critical thinking

MICRO-565: Fundamentals & Processes for photovoltaic devices

MSE-466: Wood structures, properties and uses (covers for wood)

MSE-463: Recycling of materials

You teach at EPFL and would like to feature your course in this (non-exhaustive) list? Contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]


Members of our community can learn more about sustainability through our numerous online learning opportunities.


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