Prof-student tandems for teaching sustainability

Baptiste Lecoeur et Johan Rochel © 2023 EPFL/Alain Herzog

Would you like to integrate sustainability into your courses, but lack the time or knowledge to do so? We can provide enthusiastic and competent teaching assistants for interested teachers.

A workshop organized by the Sustainability Unit’s Education team with EPFL teachers showed that most teachers lack the time to bring new content into their courses, and don’t always feel legitimate in teaching sustainability.

With the prof-student tandem system, the student assistant can help teachers, for example:

  • research what sustainability means in their specific field of expertise
  • identify best practices
  • suggest case studies to use

Student assistants can also:

  • conduct literature reviews
  • proofread presentations to ensure that messages are understandable from the student’s point of view
  • help articulate the course in relation to information given in other parts of the curriculum


Since 2022, a dozen teachers have formed fifteen tandems with student assistants.

To find out more

→ See the news of January 11, 2024 with a testimony of the Johan Rochel’s and Baptiste Lecoeur’s tandem.

For students

Do you study at EPFL and want to contribute to the transformation of courses and study plans? We’re always on the lookout for motivated student assistants to support our teachers and sections in this task.

If you are interested, please fill in this form.


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