Climate and Sustainability Action Week (CSAW)

CSAW group

Our Climate and Sustainability Action Week (CSAW) gives visitors an opportunity to learn about today’s complex social and environmental challenges and develop collaborative, cross-disciplinary responses based on innovative systems and methods. At CSAW, students, professors, experts and members of the general public can expand their knowledge, explore new approaches, and flesh out new ideas to promote climate action and sustainability.

2023 CSAW

The 2023 edition of CSAW will be held from 11-17 September 2023, one week before the start of the fall semester.

Registration will open at the end of the 2023 spring semester.

Who it’s for

CSAW is for all EPFL and UNIL Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD students, in any field of study.

CSAW organizers

Each edition of CSAW is planned and run by a team of students and staff members from EPFL and UNIL.

2022 CSAW video coming soon

This video describes CSAW in a nutshell: active participants, a cooperative spirit, creative thinking, open dialogue and an array of fresh ideas.

The topic and schedule of the event change each year.

Previous editions

96% of participants said that CSAW helped them understand the benefits of a cross-disciplinary approach to solving scientific and engineering problems.

84% thought that CSAW enabled them to develop a more systemic view of sociological, scientific and engineering problems.

92% agreed that they learned something at CSAW that complemented what they were studying in their regular classes.

96% agreed that they developed skills at CSAW that complemented what they were studying in their regular classes.

Feedback from 2022 CSAW participants

Teamwork and group dynamics

“When we started working in groups, I learned to take in important meta moments.”

“I enjoyed seeing the in-group dynamics and how I personally behave in a group.”

The confidence to speak up and express your ideas

“You feel more confident and build up the courage to speak in front of 30 strangers.”

“It’s a chance to speak in front of others, without being judged and without judging others.”

A safe environment

“It was really amazing how comfortable I was with people, with no judgments from anyone. It was very enjoyable.”

“I really understood that we were there to work together and not to judge or challenge each other or to say anything negative.”

  • Program (in French, JPG, 258 KB)
  • Magazine (in French, PDF, 9 MB) created during the event


Ideas or suggestions for the next CSAW? Get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

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