Training and resources for teachers

Webinar © I Puwadol
Webinar © I. Puwadol

We run various programs to help teachers incorporate sustainability into their classes. 

Teacher training

We offer a workshop called “Sustainability in my course” (in English), given in association with the Teaching Support Center. Using interactive methods, this in-person workshop introduces participants to sustainability and how they can incorporate it into their classes. During this workshop, participants will:

  • Get an overview of our sustainability-related education strategy
  • Learn about the key issues related to sustainability and the skills needed to tackle them
  • Brainstorm how their specific fields and classes relate to sustainability
  • Get tips on how to incorporate sustainability into their classes and see some concrete examples

Visit this web page to find out about upcoming dates and to register. 

One-to-one teacher coaching

Contact us if you would like advice about a specific class you’re teaching or planning to teach. 

Expert student assistants to form tandem teams

Looking to make sustainability a part of your teaching but can’t find the time? We can pair you up with an enthusiastic, competent student assistant to help you out. For example, the assistant could research what sustainability entails in your specific area of expertise, identify teaching best practices and find ready-to-use case studies.

Teaching toolkit

Resources in English

Resources in French


Contact us if you would like to discuss incorporating sustainability into your classes or curriculum. 

Jacopo Grazioli
[email protected] 

Adélie Garin
[email protected]