The GA Travelcard

With the GA Travelcard you can enjoy unlimited travel on CFF trains and those of most private Swiss railway companies. The GA is also valid for postbuses and boats, as well as local public transport such as trams and buses in most cities and urban areas. You can also benefit from advantageous conditions on many Swiss mountain railways. Please note that the night supplement is not included in the GA (and must therefore be paid as extra).

How much does the GA Travelcard cost?  For current prices, please click here

What is the EPFL subsidy ?

Employees (with an EPFL contract for a minimum duration of 12 months and a scale of occupation of at least 50%,) entitled to a CFF Half Fare Travelcard can choose instead of the latter a subsidy for the purchase of a GA Travelcard. The subsidy is in the form of a discount voucher that can be requested by email at [email protected], giving your private address to which the voucher will be sent. It must be presented at the CFF ticket counter at the time of purchase. No reimbursement is possible after purchase.

  • For employees over 25 years old, a 25% voucher for a GA Travelcard for  Adults 2nd class ( for 1st class, the voucher will then be of 15%) or a voucher up to CHF 500.- maximum for the GA Duo Partner, GA for disabled persons,GA for 25 year olds or the GA Travelcard Familia for Adults. The subsidy for the GA Travelcard Familia Youth is of 25%, ie CHF 231,25.
  • Employees undergoing training (Doctoral Assistants,Apprentices and Interns) are authorized to travel 2nd class and can obtain a voucher up to CHF 500.- maximum  valid for the GA youth for those under 25 years old or a 25% voucher valid for a GA Travelcard for Adults.

The value of these vouchers is part of the taxable salary. The amount is shown on the payslip as ‘Bon de réduction sur l’AG’.

For frequent travellers

Additional reductions can be granted as from 60 days* per calendar year of business travel (when an employee exercises their professional activity away from their habitual workplace and more than 10km away from it or from their home). It should be noted that the journey from home to workplace is not considered as a business trip. It is possible as of  EPF functional grades 7 to subscribe to the 1st class.

  • 60 days or more of business travel per year  :  fully paid by EPFL.

In order to benefit from frequent traveller discounts, you must complete a list of your business trips signed by your line manager. You will find this document on our page HR Documents and Forms (title of form: Professional Travel List under heading Mobility benefits).

*A round trip on the same day counts as a one-day travel.

For any questions concerning these discounts, please contact [email protected] (or +41 21 693 37 04).

For Doctoral Assistants located on associated campuses

Doctoral Assistants based on associated campuses who have to attend their courses on the EPFL site in Lausanne, are considered as frequent travellers with the application of the corresponding 40% discount on the corresponding GA This is a transition measure only valid in 2023. As of 2024, LEX 5.6.2 will be applied under the same conditions as for the other employees..

Please contact [email protected] (or +41 21 693 37 04) to obtain the discount.

Ask [email protected] for a new AG voucher.

Frequent travellers : restitution of subsidy in the event of departure

The EPFL subsidy for frequent travellers is in the form of discount vouchers issued by HR. This subsidy is intended to be for one year. If the employment contract is terminated before the end of the validity of the GA Travelcard, a reimbursement is required and deducted from the final salary (if necessary, the holder of the GA Travelcard can request the cancellation of their Travelcard and receive the reimbursement).