PUBLICA (Federal Pension Fund)

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Publica is a public law collective pension fund of the Swiss Confederation. Publica administers the occupational pensions of more than 67,000 insured employees and 42,000 pension recipients. Among other funds, it manages the pension fund for the ETH domain (EPFL and ETHZ), which has more than 21,000 active insured employees and 6,000 pension recipients.

The pension fund for the ETH domain has its own pension fund regulations and its own parity commission. It is a “wrap-around” pension fund, which means that the interest rate decided by the parity commission applies to both the mandatory and supplementary portions of your total pension assets.

Pension plans’ benefits at a glance

  • Joining the savings plan as from the age of 22
  • employer’s contribution of 2/3 of the total savings and risk contribution
  • savings contribution significantly higher than the BVG contribution
  • insured salary not capped
  • option to choose flexible supplementary savings plans
  • flexible forms of retirement in the form of a lump sum and/or life annuity

Detailed information on these advantages can be found here:

Useful information

  • To be insured with Publica, you must have a contract for more than 3 months and an annualized salary equal to or greater than the BVG entry threshold (i.e. CHF 22,050 in 2023).
  • The BVG entry threshold’s calculation is based on the maximum annual AHV /AVS pension x 6/8
  • Your insured income’s calculation is based on your gross annual salary less a coordination deduction of 30% limited to the maximum BVG coordination deduction (CHF 25,725 in 2023)
  • The BVG coordination deduction’s calculation is based the maximum annual AHV /AVS pension x 7/8
  • Your pension plan is determined by your functional level.