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Working time and absences management

All employees with an EPFL financed contract (except professors) are required to register their absences (worked and unworked) in their absences management account, which is accessible through the following link:

Data available in the system is dynamic and reflects the employee work situation on the basis of information recorded in the salary SAP-HR system.
The system is based on the Rules and Regulations concerning Working Time Management (RGT) applicable to all employees at EPFL.
A systematic and regular registration of absences enables a better information sharing and work organisation within a team. Daily updated data is accessible to all employees at any time.
Absences management system enables EPFL to carry out its employer’s obligations relating to reporting requirements linked with external funding as well as preserving its employees health by providing time for rest. Data extracted from the system provides a calculation basis for financial provision as well as various statistics (such as the social evaluation) published by EPFL.
In case of question, please feel free to contact the absences management team through its Helpdesk: [email protected]