Student CMS, Bachelor and Master

  1. Select the tab named “Course registration”
  2. Validate your FRAC if necessary
  3. Use the tick boxes to select the courses on which you wish to register
  4. Click the button “Save” at the top of the panel
  1. In the registration panel, click on the button marked “Other Courses”
  2. A popup window will appear allowing you to search for a course off-plan. You can search by course name or code or by the name of the lecturer.
  3. Click on the name to select the course and return to the main page.
  1. Selected the tab named « Personal Details »
  2. Click the button marked “Change of address”,  a window containing the form “Contact number and Addresses” should appear
  3. Fill out the form with the appropriate details

Simply click on the name of a lecturer. This will open a window containing information about the lecturer concerned, where you will find all the relevant contact details.

The evaluations are available during defined periods of consultation and only when a sufficient number of students have responded.

Select the tab “Courses” and click on the appropriate course code in the panel named “Course list for the semester”. The course book will open in a new window.

A conflict occurs when you register on two courses with overlapping timetables. ie certain periods are scheduled to be held at the same time.

This button opens a popup menu containing links to the old IS-Academia web site. This is useful for accessing functionality not yet migrated to the new portal.

The portal is optimized for Firefox, the latest version if possible. Other browsers should work fine but may experience a few incompatibilities