Fidelity bonus


Fidelity bonus is given after each five year period of service to the Confederation (excluding the CFF and the Swiss Post). This bonus can be taken in two ways :

  • extra holidays
  • payment in cash (only from 10 years of service or more)

Bonus entitlement

The bonus is granted the day of its occurrence (the anniversary) to employees who had a permanent contract (CDI)

  • The first bonus after 5 years of service is given as extra holidays (1 week)
  • Bonus after 10 and 15 years of service are given as extra holidays (10.5 days) or half-month salary or a combination of the two options
  • Bonus after 20 years and more are given as extra holidays (21 days), a month of salary or a combination of the two options

Bonus is calculated according to activity rate and basic salary treatment at the day of anniversary. Social contributions, with the exception of Publica, are withdrawn from the bonus.

Record in the Absences Management system

Since 2015, bonus days (fidelity bonus)  are recorded by Human Resources in the Absences Management application. This is the case for the extra holiday week after 5 year of service as well as the other fidelity days allowed for longer anniversaries.

Fidelity bonus days can be used under the same conditions as for normal vacation days, according to the rules and regulations relating to work time management (cf. RGT, p.5, article 18).

Therefore, normal vacation times and bonus days are combined under “Balances and holidays entitlement”, because there is no need to differentiate them.

In the case of bonus days given during the current calendar year: these days will be showed in a specific column. But in the “year-end balance” or in the “day balance”, there is no differenciation between bonus days and “regular” vacation days.

In the case of bonus primes given during a past year but partially used: these day will be integrated in the “year-end balance” reporting, and carried over the following calendar year but nothing will distinguish them from the annual vacation days.