The Accreditation

Manual accreditation is the process for an accreditor to attach a person to an EPFL unit (the person receives authorization to be part of the unit) for a given period. The maximum duration of an accreditation is one year, it can be renewed several times.

A few days before the end of the period, the accreditor and the person will be informed. If no action is taken, the accreditation will be automatically deleted.

It is very important to properly identify the person so as not to accredit an impostor. To do this, you must require the person to have their identity documents and check that the photo corresponds to the person.

If the person is not already in the SCIPER digital identity register, it will first be necessary to create a new identity and record the basic information:

In addition, accreditation is the first necessary step before a person can be assigned roles and rights.

Transfer of a person

Upon loss of accreditation in their former unit, the authorizations of law and role on this unit will be automatically withdrawn from them.
All authorizations obtained on units where the person does not have accreditation must also be revalidated. If the revalidation is not made on time, these authorizations will be automatically removed from them.