The Roles

Regrouping of rights in a role

In order to facilitate the management of rights in Accred, it is useful to be able to group certain rights according to work needs.

For example, a unit manager has quite different access rights because of their function, which are included in two roles:

  • Responsible role of unit for all rights relating to its unit;
  • Responsible role as a financial center (of its unit) for all rights relating to its financial center.

The Accred office manages the definition of these roles and can, on request, complete an existing role by adding a new right to it or create a new role.

A role is therefore a grouping of rights, the role is generally given a title that expresses the mission of the person who exercises it.

Role management right and role distribution

For each Accred role, there is a right to manage the role that allows the beneficiary of the right to distribute the role to a person who is then authorized to perform this role.

For example: Arthur Legrand is responsible for the ERP-MD unit. Due to his function, he exercises the responsible role of financial center which contains the right to manage the role of unit manager. Therefore, he may give permission to exercise the role of unit manager to Daenerys Targaryen on the ERP-MD unit.

When the role includes rights whose authorization must be validated by third parties, the authorization to hold this role is also subject to a validated approval by third parties.

Holding of a right through the role

In general, the holders of a role have de facto all the rights to the role and can use them. In some cases, however, the possession of the right is not automatic but the holders of the role can then attribute it to themselves if necessary.

For example, Arthur Legrand can distribute the Chronos record right to record the hours in Chronos, but he does not need to do it himself and therefore it is useless to assault him with reminders.

Assignment of a right

Role holders can give authorizations for the rights included in their role.

For example, if Daenerys Targaryen must be able to consult the student assistant fund for her unit’s financial center, she will have to ask her unit manager Arthur Legrand who exercises the role of financial center manager, which includes this right.

Suppression of a right

Role holders can remove authorizations for the rights included in their role.

For example, Arthur Legrand, unit manager who holds the role of financial center manager, can remove the authorization to hold the right to consult the student assistant fund at Daenerys Targaryen. (see previous example)

Substitute for roles

Role holders may assign role substitutes during their absences.

These substitutes must be validated if the role is subject to validation. In this case, an explicit validated authorization is required

For example, the Financial Center Manager or Unit Manager roles are subject to validation. A replacement of these roles requires holding the rights “Accred – replace Financial Center Manager holders (any level)” or “Accred – replace unit manager holders”.