Leaves for specific events

Rules and Regulations

Legal basis

Leave for specific events list

Paid leave Entitlement
1. Family events  
  1.1. Marriage  
    a) Employee’s own marriage (civil marriage) a) 6 days
    b) Of a family member b) 1 day
  1.2. Maternity  
    a) Employees are entitled to fully paid leave. If the father also works in the ETH Domain, see the provisions under “Maternity leave“. Maternity leave linked with third-party funds can be financed by Human Resources. Please inform your School’s Human Resources Manager if this is applicable. a) 4 months
    b) Birth of own child (paternity leave) b) 20 days
  1.3. Care  
    Provided to sick persons in the employee’s own household, provided no other possibility is available Time required, but maximum 3 days per event
  1.4. School matters  
    Of an important nature or medical examinations for children under 16 years of age, if the employee is responsible for the child’s education Up to 5 days per calendar year
  1.5. Death  
    a) Of a close family member or person in the employee’s own household a) 5 days
    b) Of a family member not within employee’s own household b) 1 to 3 days as necessary
    c) To attend the funeral of a close relation or friend or work colleague c) Time required, but maximum 1/2 day
2 Others  
  2.1. For employee moving house 2.1.) 1 day per calendar year
  2.2. Supervising and attending courses that are part of youth and sport programmes or sport for people with dissabilities 2.2.) Maximum 5 days per calendar year
  2.3. Military conscription, inspection and return of military equipment 2.3.) Time required as specified in marching orders
  2.4. Firefighting exercises and interventions 2.4.) Time necessary
  2.5. Attending regular trade union meetings 2.5.) 6 days per 2 calendar years
  2.6. Activities in staff associations 2.6.) Maximum 30 days, as agreed with social partners 
  2.7. Exercise of public functions  2.7.) Up to 15 days per calendar year 

Leave related to family events in particular must be taken during the days preceding or following the event.

To enter your absence, please enter the appropriate reason in the drop-down list.

Paid leave is granted in proportion to the employee’s