Consultation of Contracts

The Polycontrat tool was designed to facilitate the management of a wide range of existing contract types.
Polycontrat EPFL

It notably enables:

  • The consultation of scanned contractual documents;
  • The identification of the persons responsible for a contract;
  • The location of original documents.

The tool is easily accessible online via the SESAME portal .

Which contracts are available in Polycontrat ?

Polycontrat aims to catalogue all contracts involving EPFL, except those regarding the following specific sectors:

  • Purchase contracts (SRM)
  • Employment contracts (SAP RH)
  • Research contracts (GrantsDB)
  • Operation contracts (4D)

The list of contract types and classifications handled by Polycontrat may be accessed via the “documents” tab.

Access rights

You can request an access:

  • per financial unit, to the head of the financial unit;
  • per classification, to Françoise Chardonnens.

Access Request Form (to be returned to Géraldine Guédon)


For questions about contract transmission in Polycontrat:
Géraldine Guédon

For technical issues regarding Polycontrat:
Maude Grossan

Access map