Electronic signatures for external partners


EPFL has an electronic signature system.

How is the electronic signature system used?

In order to support you in using the system, additional information and instructions are provided below in written and/or video format.

Note: the english version contains screenshot that are not up to date. Please see the french version in order to have the latest version of the instructions.


It is important to note that this system has been carefully prepared and regularly monitored by the bodies responsible for cyber security at EPFL, from the very beginning of the project. The system has been conceived and implemented in accordance with privacy by default principles, of which the seven pillars (lawfulness, purpose, proportionality, relevance, limits on storage time, security & confidentiality and documentation of handling/use of data) are guaranteed. Furthermore, the system has been developed, domiciled and maintained in Switzerland.

From a more technical point of view, it uses EPFL’s new IaaS infrastructure, which notably enables highly accurate monitoring and logging of network flows and administrative accesses for maintenance operations. In the same way as for all EPFL computers, it is subject to a monthly security audit and any irregularities will be immediately communicated to the administrators. Communications are encoded from end to end and data at rest is also encoded. It is also necessary to highlight that the authentication of EPFL users is completed in a centralised manner, via Tequila, and the act of signing the documents is completed by Swisscom, who acts as trusted intermediary.

The VPSI can be contacted for all questions or further information regarding this system, via [email protected].

Who should I contact in case of questions?

In case of questions regarding the electronic signature system, you can contact:

David Gozel

Email: [email protected]