Extension and Revalidation of rights or roles

When a person changes units, they will automatically lose all the permissions they had in their old unit. Authorizations she had obtained elsewhere, except those that are still linked to one of these existing accreditations, will be subject to requests for revalidation. At the end of these requests after 21 days, authorizations will be deleted

Some authorizations, for example those for HR or finance infocenters, are given for a maximum period of 1 year and can be extended before their expiry. Extension requests are automatically sent 21 days before the deadline to the role holders who manage these authorizations, with a reminder 5 days before the deadline. For example, as part of the HR infocenter, it is the head of the Financial Center or the unit manager.

This operation is done from the overview by clicking on

which then displays all the permissions that the person is invited to extend or revalidate


clicking on the small wheel on the right allows you to display a drop-down menu offering the different possible extensions.

A grouping of extensions is possible by clicking in the square box at the beginning of the line if the permissions to be extended concern the same person for the same resource.