Change usual identity


If someone has had a change on their official papers, they should personally contact:

  • the HR department if they are a member of staff;
  • the student counter if they are a student;
  • the accreditor of his/her unit if he/she is external to EPFL.

who will update her/his official identity on the basis of the new documents.

If the person is known to us by means of a usual identity made up of some of their official first and last names, they can make the change themselves from their page.

If a person is known to use a usual identity different from their official identity, they should contact their accreditor, who can supplement the official identity already provided with a surname, first name and gender.

To do this, the accreditor must:

  1. Search for the person’s identity using their SCIPER number
  2. In the “Personal data” tab, click on the “Update this person” button
  3. Activate the option at the bottom of the form
  4. Fill in missing information
  5. Save it all.

Usual information will then replace official information in all school directories.

If usual information is removed, the official information will be reused instead.