Absences management

Manage my absences


Access to the absences management system

  • absences2.epfl.ch (also accessible off campus) with your gaspar/tequila account and password
  • This page is also accessible on your mobile phone

What you have to register in the system

  • Your unworked (vacation, illness, hours compensation, etc.) and worked (telework, training, professional trip) absences
  • Check and update your current weekly presence if you are working part time or when your usual presence is not evenly distributed on week days (this will impact the calculations of your absences)

Important information accessible on your account

  • Your balances (vacation and/or hours) as at a specific date (current day, year-end projection, end of contract projection)
  • Your yearly holiday entitlement based on your contractual data
  • Detail of all absences you have entered in the system
  • Public holidays applicable to you, according to your contractual canton of work
  • The planning of all colleagues within your unit/s

Extra options

  • Managing your hours and extra presences (extra hours and/or overtime)
  • Managing your notifications and informing a substitute of your absence
  • Registering an alternating schedule
  • Sharing your planning with colleagues outside your unit (share requests invitations)

Legal basis