Add/Remove permissions for rights


Every holder of a role automatically holds all the rights to the role. For more details on roles and rights, please consult the “roles” page and the “rights” page.
To give or delete an authorization for a right to a person, you must yourself hold the role managing that right, in the unit or resource concerned or in a higher-level unit or resource. For example, if you want to assign an authorization for the “Online SBB ticket order” right (railticket) in the COURSE-ACCRED unit, you will need to have the “Administrative Manager” role (respadmin) in this unit or above.



Click on the People catalog and enter your name, your no. Sciper or their email address in the search field.

Then in the Authorization tab, click on the red button New authorization.

Choose the work accreditation that best describes the context in which the person will exercise this authorization. Please note that if this work accreditation ends, this authorization will also be removed.

Then, look for the right that will be given

and select the appropriate right, then look for the unit, the Financial Center or fund to which the right will apply

The list of financial units or centers is restricted according to your access rights.

Some rights (HR, finance, etc.) are subject to administrative approval

To remove an authorization from a person, still in the Permissions tab, simply locate the authorization you are looking for, then click on the quick actionof this authorization in the right column Actions.

(Optional) assign an authorization for a right without having the necessary role

If you wish to grant authorization for a right but do not have the necessary role, you must ask the person holding the role in your unit to give this authorization to the designated person.


Cancellation of rights

Sometimes a user has a right, for example at the level of an institute, and that it is not wanted to be removed from one of the institute’s lab. To withdraw this right, you must start a normal authorization procedure, Accred will then realize that the person already has this right in this place and will offer to cancel it as an option.

Attention: cancellations only work when the authorization is controlled directly by Tequila, which is no longer very common. In particular, the signature register, the HR and Finance infocenters, etc. do not support this type of cancellation.

The authorization is then cancelled at the desired location.