Change the accreditations order

Some EPFL applications cannot take into account a person’s different accreditations. Among other things, they are applications that use the Active Directory directory to manage their users. This directory only authorizes a single affiliation of a person to a unit and therefore, it is the first accreditation that is provided. This is why Accred makes it possible to order the different accreditations of a person, except for Bachelor/Master students where their student accreditation must be in first position.

To do this, simply search for the person concerned in the people catalog (left menu), then once you are in the tab of your accreditations, you must click on the Change Order button to the left of the red New Accreditation button.

You can then change the order of accreditations using the up and down buttons at the beginning of the line. Don’t forget to finish the operation by clicking on the Confirm button.