Add/Remove properties

The authorizations given during an accreditation may be modified by the accreditor when creating the accreditation or by editing it later. You will then have to start by looking for the person’s accreditation, then click on the edit accreditation button.

Then locate in the accreditation editing form, the part concerning the authorizations.

Property values are calculated automatically according to the accreditation unit and the status of the person. They can therefore vary from one unit to another and from one status to another, the origin of the authorization is indicated in gray under the name of the authorization. These values can be changed by the accreditor if they are not locked and grayed out.

Three values are possible:

  • Default: the value chosen automatically
  • Yes: the value is set to yes, the person is authorized
  • No: the value is set to no, the person is not authorized

At the end, do not forget to save the changes made.