How to announce the birth of a child ? 

Please announce the birth of your child to Human Resources as soon as possible by sending them a copy of the birth certificate or official family record book (livret de famille). You will then receive a maternity allowance claim form and a child benefits claim form.

The duly completed maternity allowance claim form together with the birth certificate must be returned to Human Resources 1 month at the latest after its receipt.

Maternity leave

You are entitled to 4 months of fully paid maternity leave.

Further information (Art 37 al. 3 OPers-EPF)

  • You cannot under any circumstances return to work before the obligatory 8-week period of leave after giving birth has elapsed.
  • With the agreement of Human Resources, you can take the second half of your maternity leave in the form of a reduced scale of occupation.
  • If your partner also works in the EPF Domain, with the agreement of Human Resources, the parents may share this reduction of working hours during the second half of the maternity leave at their convenience.

 Your entitlement to child benefits

For more information, please consult the Child benefits webpage.

Additional information

For more information concerning maternity protection, please see the relevant DSPS webpages.