Civilian Service

EPFL proposes assignments in the environmental protection, health, cultural heritage conservation and promotion of science domains. These assignments are carried out within the limits of the activities and domains provided for by the specifications approved by the Centre régional de l’Office fédéral du service civil (CIVI).

Approved programmes

  • Project collaborator (protection of nature and the environment or health domain)
  • Archives of Modern Construction collaborator
  • Scientific activities for children collaborator

According to the Civilian Service, these programmes have non-priority status.

Required or desirable knowledge

Depending on the specifications approved by the Civilian Service.


  • Any person having worked or studied at EPFL is prohibited from carrying out a Civilian Service assignment here during the 12 months following their departure.
  • In addition to compensation for loss of income paid by the Civilian Service, the civilian serviceperson receives from EPFL a daily indemnity of CHF 32.5.- plus reimbursement of their public transport expenses.

Assignment positions, subject to availability


Email : [email protected]