Absence and time management

The absence and time management system allows EPFL employees to record their vacations and other absences, as well as any overtime, in accordance with legal requirements and the Regulation on working time management (LEX 4.1.4 – RGT).

The new system, developed by the Information Systems and Human Resources Department, is simpler and more automated, supporting flexibility in working hours, mutual trust and the empowerment of each person.

The migration to this new system is done in phases. Impacted population have been informed. 

What are the principles and rules applied?

Basic principles

  • The system is based solely on the official EPFL structure, with delegation possible. For example, the head of a unit can delegate the validation of absences to one or more persons
  • In case of services for several units, the specific planning for each unit no longer exists
  • A single entry of each information is planned with integration of the data in Chronos
  • In the absence of a weekly registration, the predefined contractual schedule is considered to be completed. Only an entry at the latest at the end of the following month is taken into account (alignment with the Chronos timing)
  • A variation of the 41h/week schedule is possible according to individual and departmental needs, without notification in the system (principles of trust and flexibility of working time)
  • The system allows visibility of schedules to all staff (without reason). Only unit managers and delegates as well as HR can view the calendar details. Telework days will be displayed.
    The availability of reports in Sesame is automated for unit managers (e.g. vacation balance, overtime, etc.)

Vacations and absences

  • The vacations and absences of all employees are subject to validation, at the latest, at the time they are taken. For faculty, please refer to the Ordonnance sur le corps professoral des EPF
  • If the telework is regular, based on an agreement, the schedule defined by day or half-day is declared in the system
  • If the telework is irregular, notification in the system is optional

Make-up hours and overtime

  • Overtime is declared per week and is limited to 45 hours/week
  • Beyond 45 hours, overtime must be authorized or ordered in advance by the unit manager or delegate and reported per week. There is an automatic recording of overtime and a validation request via a workflow
  • Recoveries of overtime and overtime hours are to be declared per week and validated by the unit manager or delegate via a workflow

Part time

  • Part-time employees can enter their weekly attendance up to the quarter day.
  • Only holidays coinciding with a day usually worked are due.

How to access the system ?

Via Sesame: ‘My absences’ tile

Which absences do you have to register?

All absences must be registered in the system and some types of absences are subject to validation by your unit manager or delegates.

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