The EPFL Direction promotes a dynamic and more flexible work culture in order to adapt to the development needs of our society and its employees. Within the framework of its durability and mobility policy, EPFL encourages teleworking on a voluntary basis for all its employees when the nature of the activity permits it. Teleworking also meets the need for flexibility to attain a better work/life balance.

Regular teleworking requires an agreement between the employee’s line manager and the employee and the signing of a telework agreement.

What is teleworking ?

  • Teleworking consists of doing one’s job away from the normal workplace provided by EPFL and in accordance with a work schedule arranged with line management, in compliance with the legal framework.
  • Teleworking can be done regularly or occasionally but without any change of the workplace stipulated in the employment contract.
  • The line manager is responsible for organising teleworking and decides if and to what extent teleworking is appropriate and how to coordinate it efficiently within their team. The result, the smooth functioning of the unit and collaboration must be the priorities.

Useful links

  • Please consult the teleworking regulations (LEX 4.1.8) in Polylex for more information.
  • The support guide and FAQ on the HR Documents and forms page.
  • The teleworking convention is accessible via ServiceNow > Human Resources tab.

Teleworking tools

  • Remote email access

You can access your EPFL emails from outside the campus, on a computer or mobile device.

For details see the email page : configurations and support

  • Remote access to Exchange calendar

Your Exchange calendar is accessible via the Web or with Outlook clients (Windows and Mac) and iCal (Mac).

Find out how to consult it and use the Calendar page.

  • Remote Intranet access

To access certain EPFL intranet services such as WordPress, Sesame, etc., a connection via a VPN must be established with EPFL.

All the instructions for the installation of a VPN client can be found on the VPN clients available page.

  • Remote use of Jabber telephone

You can install the Cisco Jabber softphone on your computer or mobile phone.

  • Videoconference

The Zoom tool enables you to organize or participate in videoconferences, simple online meetings or group messaging services.

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