LEX, regulations and processes

Law on the Swiss Confederation personnel  (LPers)
(not available in English)

Ordinance on the personnel of the ETH Domain (OPers)

  •  OPers – (English) – pdf
  •  OPers – (Français) – pdf
  •  OPers – (Deutsch) – pdf


Thank you for visiting the Polylex website, which collects the legal texts in force. These legal texts are grouped and listed under 8 main headings, one of which is Human Resources.

Processes and regulations

  • Recruitment process – webpagepdf
  • Development, Appraisal and Objective-Setting Process – webpage
  • HR process for the contractual management of doctoral students – pdf
  • Outsourced process for the management of consultants – portage salarial, Helvetic Payroll – pdf
  • Process for managing sickness/accident and long-term absences (ALD) – pdf
  • Process for restructuring and closure of units – pdf
  • Temporary Academic Staff regulations – webpagepdf
  • Temporary Non-Academic Staff/Internship regulations – webpagepdf
    Teleworking – webpagepdf
  • Working time  (RGT) – pdf