Ancillary activity

You exercise an ancillary activity outside the sphere of your employment relationship with EPFL or you are planning to do so ?

We invite you to acquaint yourself with the relevant regulations in the Directive concerning the management of conflicts of interest (LEX 4.1.1 ; hereinafter “the Directive”).

Applicable to both faculty members and staff, it contains specific provisions for each group.

You should be aware for example that an ancillary activity can impair your professional performance owing to the burden that it represents, compromise the reputation of EPFL, an institution of the ETH or ETH Board Domain, or require the use of its infrastructure. It can also violate academic freedom, entail risks linked with intellectual property, or be detrimental to impartiality.

The Directive stipulates that faculty members must declare all ancillary activities once per year and that they must request an authorisation for the activities enumerated under Art. 8.

Likewise, the Directive stipulates that staff members must declare, prior to their commencement, remunerated activities, as well as those presenting a risk such as those described above and request an authorisation for activities such as those listed under Art. 11 of the Directive.  


You will find the necessary forms on our HR Documents and Forms page

In case of uncertainty, if you are a faculty member, we suggest that you refer to the forms, contact the Vice-President for Academic Affairs for activities of an academic nature, or the Dean of the School concerned for other activities.

In case of uncertainty, if you are a staff member, we suggest that you refer to the forms and contact your line manager.

If you need advice, you can also ask Faculty Affairs or Human Resources.