Expiry and extension of contracts

The expiry and extension of fixed-term employment contracts are managed by an HR workflow.

Contract expiry (termination) – how does it work ?

  • When a contract expiry concerns your unit, the Unit Administrator automatically receives an email approximately 3.5 months before the expiry date to initiate the process.
  • The validation process is as follows : Unit Administrator (Administrative Assistant) > Head of Unit > HR Assistant > HR Manager.
  • Finance Officers also participate in the validation process, except in the case of Doctoral Assistant posts and termination of employment, for which a simple notification is received.
  • The HR Assistant sends a termination of employment letter to the employee.

Extension of contract (renewal) – how does it work ? 

  • In the case of contract extension, the employee concerned approves this extension directly in the workflow and then automatically receives their contract extension letter by email. This letter is automatically recorded in their e-file.
  • If the employee has to renew their work permit, the HR Assistant emails the form requesting the prolongation to be forwarded to their commune of residence.

Some additional information :

  • As well as the ‘Renewal’ and ‘Termination’ options, Administrative Assistants can also select ‘Other change’, for cases where there would be a transition from Doctoral Assistant to Postdoctoral Researcher, from Scientific Assistant to Doctoral Assistant, or a transition to CDI (permanent contract) (attach the usual documents such as Hiring Proposal and Job Description). HR verifies the requests and gets back in touch if necessary.
  • Administrative Assistants can verify the status of the workflow from the tab Sesame > RH – Gestion unité > Workflows.
  • HR Assistants have an overview allowing them to follow the status of all the contract expiries of their population.
  • At each stage, if no action has been taken by the validator concerned, an automatic reminder is sent after 7 days.
  • If no role of Unit Administrator has been assigned in a unit, the workflow is sent directly to the Head of Unit. If several roles of Unit Administrator have been assigned in a unit, the workflow is sent to each person.
  • At the end of the process, the validation entries of the decision and information linked with the contract expiry are automatically recorded in the e-file of the employees.

Need some help ? 

The user guide (only in French) contains the answers to most of your questions. If necessary, you can contact [email protected].