Development and Appraisal discussions

Development, Appraisal and Objective-Setting Process

The appraisal, objective-setting and development discussion process, now digitalized, is being rolled out in phases, as part of the Nexus program.

This first phase is addressed to administrative and technical employees of the Presidency and Vice-Presidencies, or of Faculty units who have wished to participate in this initial phase.

The process for the 2023 appraisal and the 2024 objective-setting is initiated by the direct line manager, inviting their team members to complete and prepare the online forms. It is important to inform each team member the timeline of the preparation period and the date of the discussion (preferably between January and June).

Dialogue between employee and direct hierarchical manager is essential in this process. This tool will facilitate the role of hierarchical managers and employees in clarifying expectations (objective setting), development needs, performance, internal mobility wishes and mutual feedback.

Accessing the Platform

The  digitalized forms are on this platform, also accessible via the Sesame Portal

Support Tools :

Presentation outlining the process:

  1. Tutorial 1: Development, Appraisal and Objective Setting Process
  2. Tutorial 2: Navigating the Development and Appraisal tool
  3. Tutorial 3: Development & Appraisal form
  4. Tutorial 4: Objective-Setting form

Webinar recordings:

  • General demo Session here
  • Specific features session for Direct Line Managers here

If you have more than two hierarchical affiliations/attachments, offline forms are available:

  • Development & Appraisal form here.
  • Objective-setting form here.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Service Desk ([email protected]).